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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pity party....over!

Hi everyone,

So sorry about pity party is over. I am feeling MUCH better about things. I think it has to do with beginning to eat new foods. I know I am starting a little early, but I am being super careful. I need protein SO hair is falling out in chunks and it is beginning to worry me....So, I had my CIB this AM, some cottage cheese for lunch, and for dinner I made some tuna and I mashed up an avocado. I made sure to chew the tuna like crazy....even though it was pretty blended through.

I think I am a little sad also, because the scale is really not moving for me. I am just a couple of pounds lighter than I was before surgery. I know in time it will come, and that my body is adjusting....

Many thanks to you all for your kind words. In some respect, I was waiting for someone to tell me to "suck it up!" and no one did! The people that I have met through blogland are so inspirational! So thank you all.....



  1. But you don't have to suck it up! You are just out of surgery so your body is still adjusting. Probably need a good poop by now :-)

    I didn't lose much for the first few weeks after surgery so don't feel to bad. The weight will eventually start to drop off. Usually it take a fill or too to get it going so don't get discouraged or I will have to shout out to you to suck it up. NOT!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. We definitely have ups and downs. I love to know other people struggle too! I am getting my first fill Thursday and am praying for some restriction!

  3. Be careful, and I definitely recommend following doctor's orders on the post-op diet. If you eat solids too early it can lead to the band slipping, the stomach is still healing and there are stitches holding the band in place so if you make it churn up a bunch of food too early, it can cause slippage. So, please be careful! :)

  4. Dont worry the scales havent moved for me in like nearly 2 weeks :( im avoiding them now ahahh

  5. Hi DeeDee! I found you through the great Sandy. I am getting banded on Wednesday and started blogging, too. You're just about a week ahead of me,& it'll be interesting to watch our progress.