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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Before.....taken 07/17/2010 here is my "before" but not really, since I have lost about 40 pounds already. This is a terrible shot of me....but it gives a clear picture of where I am right now as far as my body shape and size. The BEST part of this pic is the pants....they are a size 20, and I haven't worn them in about 7 years. The picture doesn't do them justice-they have water color tulips on them-sounds corny, but I LOVED them when I bought them...and quickly out grew them! When I wore them in public today, I wore a sheer white sleeveless blouse with somewhat cover up my belly.... I can't believe my surgery will be behind me in just a couple of days!!!!! I pulled out 2 containers of old clothes and many of them actually fit again! Good thing I am a bit of a pack-rat!!! I am sad to pack up some of my other clothes....b/c I love my clothes....but am so psyched to be in new sizes! I know some of you trade this point, I only have 24s to offer....but would love to start trading! Anyone?

Thanks for stopping by! I am overwhelmed by your kindness and graciousness! I am getting the hang of this blogger thing!!!!

Be Well,


  1. Good job on already losing 40 pounds, you look great! You might want a shot with your arms out more, they are tucked away and we can't see them very well! I am only saying this because in a few months when you post your comparison shots we won't have anything to compare the arms too! :)

  2. AWESOME - soo happy for you!

  3. It's so sad how hard we are on ourselves. I think the picture looks good and it's great that you are starting out 40 lbs less than where you were before. I'm starting out at a 24/26 and can't wait to get to size 20. I'm hoping to be out of the 24s soon so it probably doesn't make sense to ask for those from you, but I call dibs on your 20s cause you'll be out of them soon. Good luck on Monday.

  4. Hi Dee Dee, just found you and realized that on Monday you had your surgery! SO exciting! Looking forward to following you on this amazing journey!

  5. Great job!!! You look wonderful... every pound makes a difference - some on the inside, some on the outside! Keep up the amazing work!!! And thanks for the kind post on my last blog entry.