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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

48 followers! AWESOME!

How awesome is that! I am thrilled to have so many amazing followers!

I could use some advice....Here are my questions....answer one or answer them all....

1. I would LOVE to do a vlog, but have NO IDEA how to do it. Do I use my camera and post it online? I have a web cam but it seems to only work as a regular camera. Help?

2. My first "fill" appointment is scheduled for the day before my vacation. Should I reschedule it for after I get back? I certainly don't want to be miserable on my vacation. Advice?

3. Do any of you have any yummy protein shake powders that you like? Do you know of anywhere that I can get samples online? I hate to spend a lot of money on HUGE containers.

4. Is there something that you put on your scars that help them to look better? When did you begin putting it on? My scars are looking good, so I would like to start treating them soon.

That is it for now....and if you got this far, you deserve a non-caloric cookie!



  1. If this is your first fill it shouldn't be a big problem. You will still have to watch you intake. Talk it over with your doc. Most of us took 2 or 3 fills before we found the band working. You might be the star though and get to the sweet spot in one try. Have a great vacation. I don't have any recommendations for Protein powders as I don't like an of the drinks. I do use a fruit drink which is all protein but it comes in little liquid packages from my Weight Management Clinic. You might try some of those.

  2. I would still get a fill before my vacation! I don't have any advice for the other issues. I don't use protein drinks. I get all my prtein with just the foods that I eat. Good luck!

  3. I have to do 2 days of liquids after a fill, so I personally would not do it before a vacation, seems like it might be hard to be on liquids only during a vacation. I don't drink protein shakes, either! I just focus on eating nutritious foods to get my protein. And remember... protein comes in other foods besides just meat!

  4. I have heard good things about Bio Oil for scars, I have only just started using it (4 months after surgery) and I scar badly so who knows, but I have seen some good results on others, so the sooner the better.

    I only have to do liquids/mushies for 24 hours after a fill so the vacation question will depend on how you would go being away and having to be on a bit of a restricted diet for the first day or two.

    As for the others I know nothing on vlogs and I am still looking for a protien mix that I like. So I will be checking back in with the hopes that someone else can offer some suggestions.

  5. i used my regular digi camera for vlogs and uploaded it to
    i've heard that some doctors won't do a fill if they know you are going away soon after, if you need an emergency unfill it's better to do it with your own doctor! personally i would reschedule until after vaca!
    i use bio-oil very sporadically, but i also scar badly and they really don't bother me, i can't see myself ever bearing my belly! lol

  6. I really like Unjury. You can buy sample packets to see which kinds you like.

  7. I would take the first fill and then take it easy...controls your hunger!