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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....I promise!

Hello to my friends!

I am sorry that I have been absent....I could give you some lame-o last week it was back to school, and as the school principal, I was a little busy.... Or that the week before, I was on vacation, with very limited internet capacity.

But enough about excuses! I haven't lost much weight....really just tossed around the same 3-4 pounds. So that means that I have lost 40 pounds before surgery and 6-10 pounds since surgery. Not the progress that I would like, however, I will take it. When I went to my PCP, she had me at 290 in March. So that means from March to now, I have actually lost close to 60 pounds. Pretty crazy!

I go for my first fill on Tuesday, which I am pretty excited about. I bought some clothes today, and fit into 18W's and 1X. I am pretty excited about the new sizes.... Yay! I got a pair of jeans that I feel AMAZING in! YAY!

So I am here...and I am alive. And I love you for checking on me!

Thank you for all you do! Thank you for being you!

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